Monday, June 18, 2007

Whatever words we utter should be
chosen with care for people
will hear them and be influenced
by them for good or ill ...


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are You a Greedy Person?

May be you are one of those greedy people who are munching all the time. This can be a sign of some problems in your physical health. There are some various kinds of greed. Such as point by point, emotional, psychological greed. The most harmful problems which each of them can cause are: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, high cloistral, etc. Also it can have bad effect on personal imagery of their characteristics.

By the term point by point, we mean that some people eat a lot in some certain situations such as, ceremonies, weddings, parties and so on. They can not even choose what they are going to eat and how much they are going to full their stomach. This kind of greed is not concealed and it may be caused from fatigue ness, anxiety or exhilaration.

Some times some people eat a lot because of some changes in their routine life or may be for the reason that they are depressed. We call this kind of gluttony emotional greed. Some of those patients regard this way in order to forget their discussions and struggles with their family or their friends or they consider it as a way of diverting their minds to some thing completely different so as to become soothed. This kind of gluttony which is called a psychological greed is very common.

Eating a lot while you are nervous or when you feel sad after eating, definitely you suffer from this disease. Since greedy people always have a lot of physical, mental and emotional problems the disease must be cured as soon as possible but going on different kinds of diets do not solve problem. The best way is to consult with a psychologist.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Concept of Hijab

Broadly speaking, Hijab is a variety of covering in which men and women try to have, in order to protect themselves and their society against any kind of deviations. This covering can be whether related to our appearance or to the ways of our looking, behaving, thinking and so on. It is inadvisable that we, as the only creatures who have the authority to live without any kind of forces, we can choose the way of our covering and behaving ourselves. But this kind of power brings us some rules which have to be obeyed. Such as having chastity in our looking, talking and acting.

Since human beings are living sociably, being pious not only affect on their own lives but also on the other’s. One of these social rules which plays an important role in all parts of the world is the term Hijab. Definitely a person, who has a complete cover, can live and work mentally and physically in a safe position and he/she also helps the society to be in a safe situation as well.

Some of the rules in each society are directly related to all of the citizens and some of them are only associated with each of the members. Personal rules as an example, having our seat belts on, is a rule which aims only at our own lives but hijab is such a social rule needs to be granted whether we are a man or a woman. Some people believe that the concept of hijab must be only dedicated by women. Opposing to this idea, we have to say that men can also have this kind of hijab in their looking and in the way they behave.

Having a healthy society, we must increase this culture and also inform people of its benefits. As a matter of fact kind of society can improve, in which the citizens can think healthily. It is achieved by a soothed mind and a wealthy culture. In this society all of the members in different parts can trust each other easily without any fear of being abused.

As it is mentioned above, we, as portions of our society should respect the others and we must try to make our country as a place in which all of the people feel safe. This is a palpable process if we let ourselves think about the others more.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Be a Vegetarian

When you are physically and emotionally drained watching a funny film would be really effective. Lean against the couch while hugging a soft pillow, munching delicious crunches, laughing and mocking clumsy actors and actresses would be completely dreamy. When you are resting and helping yourself with those fantastic junk foods you should be aware of that nice flab which very soon gets you out of shape.
But do not worry dear couch potatoes, here it is a wa y that doesn’t require you running around a 2000 meter park or 200 lay down during a day. Here is a great way to loose weight with no effort, time and age limiting. It’ s high time you cut down those dreamy and fat junk foods and tried to join to a real vegetarian group. Being healthy and on fit is always worth a try.

Vegetarian diet is a style of eating which makes you healthy by just eating the plants of its own origin. Vegetarian diet has low calorie, so it has these kinds of benefits:

- loosing weight
- Decreasing diseases such as, heart attack.
- Decreasing the colon cancer.
- Decreasing the debate.
- Decreasing the rheumatoid arthritis.

Vegetarians are divided in to nine groups:
- Lacto - Veg
- Ovo - Veg
- Lacto- Ovo -Veg
- Semi - Veg
- Strict, vegetarian or vegan
- Pesco - Veg
- Macrobiotic - Veg
- Pollo - Veg
- Fruiterian
"According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), vegetarians who eat milk products and eggs enjoy excellent health, (Lacto-Ovo-Veg). It is possible to obtain enough protein from a vegetarian diet so long as the variety and amounts of foods consumed are adequate. Meat, fish, and poultry are major contributors of iron, zinc, and B vitamins in most American diets, and vegetarians should pay special attention to these nutrients", (

Many people who choose a vegetarian diet do so as a way of improving their health. The perceived benefits include improved health for nutrition reasons and improved food safety.
So we recommend you use your time, energy and effort on being healthy by being as a member of vegetarians.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Life's Alphabet

A: accept
Accept everything which happens in your life.

B: Be away
Separate yourself from all the distractions which may cause problems achieving your goals.

C: Create
Create a large family including your parents, your near friends and relatives and share your happiness and sadness with them.

D: Decide
Decide to be successful in your life. In this way happiness comes to you and all the best are yours.

E: Explore
Explore and do experiments. The world has a lot to show and you can show a lot too. Every time you do an experiment, you will know yourself better.

F: Forgive
Forgive and forget. Hatred just makes problems for you and do not forget that everyone can make mistakes.

G: Grow
Leave your bad thoughts and habits and emotions. So, they can not be an obstacle towards your achievements.

H: Hope
Hope the bests and never forget that everything is possible. It is clear that you should try and call God from inside your heart.

I: Ignore
Try to ignore negative waves. Concentrate on your goals and do not forget previous successfulness.

J: Journey
Travel to new places and do experiments on new things with clear mind. Every day learn new things, then you would feel alive.

K: Know
Know that every problem will be solved one day.

L: Love
Let love come and fill your heart instead of hatred. While hate is in your heart, there is no free space for love. But love can bring all the good things to you.

M: Manage
Be a manager. Manage the time. So anxiety leaves you. Spending time in an useful way helps you concentrate on important things.

N: Notice
Be attentive. Never forget poor, hopeless and afflicted people. Try to help them as much as you can.

O: Open
Open your eyes and watch all the beauties around you. Even in the worth situations there are a lot of things make us o be thankful to God.

P: Play
Don not forget to have fun in your life. be aware that successfulness doesn’t have meaning without happiness.

Q: Question
Ask whatever you don’t know for you are here to learn.

R: relax
Do not let anxiety cover you life and know all of the things will be solved soon.

S: Share
Share your talents, knowledge and abilities with each other, because thousands of them return to you.

T: Try
Try even when your dreams seem to be impossible.

U: Use
Use your abilities and talents as the best gift. Talents which are wasted do not have any values. Using your abilities properly bring you a lot of unexpected gifts.

V: Value
Value your friends and relatives who are encouraging you. And do whatever you can for them.

X: X-ray
Like x-ray watch peoples’ hearts. In conclusion you can see beauty in their hearts.

Y: Yield
Let honesty come to your life. if you move in a correct way, you will absolutely find happiness.

Z: Zoom
When bad and sad memories fill you mind, go to good places. Sadness is an obstacle and zoom on a bright future.

Good Luck.

Source: a persian text
Translated by Farinaz Bidarian.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Love Day; An Iranian Custom

Iran is a rich country in having a wide numbers of varied customs. In 20 century B.C Iranians arranged a calendar which had 12 month; each month included 30 days and those 5 left days were set in that calendar separately.

Each month had a name and also days in the months had their special names. For example the first day of each month named “AHOURAMAZDA”, the second day called “BAHMAN”, the third one, “ORDIBEHESHT”, the forth day, “SHAHRIVAR” and the fifth day named “SEPANDARMAZ”. In each month there was a day which had the same name as the month, people celebrated those days and had lots of fun together. SEPANDARMAZ which was the name of the 5th day in each month and also the name of the 12th month in a year was an epithet of the ground. In those days people believed that the ground is a symbol of love because it loves every living creature with modesty and gives them their daily bread. It loves all of them the same and gives protection to them. So in our ancient culture “SEPANDARMAZ” was a symbol of love. Because of this philosophy they celebrated the 5th day of the last month in a year and they called that day “Love Day”. In that day the spouses bought presents and showed their love to each other. Nowadays the “Love Day” is celebrated on 29th of the 11th month of each year. It is because of those 5 extra days. SEPANDARMAZ is a celebration of love and the ground which are become meaningful together.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Memorable Day

1 day alone at home could be enough to show myself. That was the best time in order to let the others understand I was a grown up girl. The one could manage a lot of things easily. Then I would get rid of those famous advices and all those naggings about my studying, friends and the things that I paid too much attention to them. Wait was over! It was high time me showed myself. There were a lot to do. So I had to take fresh heart to all of my duties so as to do my best. Then reaching to my goal wouldn’t be that much hard. It was 11 AM and I felt hungry. Since I knew nothing about cooking I had to use a cooking book, but I didn’t even know where it was. There wouldn’t be other way, except delving in to the warehouse. There was too dark, I was frightened. Something inside me pleaded to ran away but it was my only chance, so a torch was a great help. As soon as I turned the torch on I heard a noise. It was as if some one was searching the stuffs. I was too much scared that I thought it was abolition to my life. A cold wind blew in to the warehouse. I was freezing and starving. I turned off the light and the noise was stopped. I started blinking the light in order to make that savage thief confused. After a while I saw a small mouse got out off the stuffs and ran away. I was soothed and took a deep breath. Then I could find the book easily. When I got in to the house the hands of a kitchen’s clock told me that I lost the lunch. I opened the refrigerator and fortunately I found a can of bean. It wasn’t that much delicious but it made me full. I went to my mom’s room and I saw her best dress near the iron. I immediately understood that the dress had to be ironed for nest day wedding. I started. While I was ironing the phone rang, it was my friend. She called to invite me to her birthday party on the next Friday afternoon. In a minute I imagined myself in that party; leaping, dancing and playing. I was sunk in to my dream too much that I forgot the dress. After some minutes a burning smell made me alert. I lost everything. But I understood that it wasn’t a piece of cake for me.